Smoking: A word clearly from the English language this time. Meaning a British dinner jacket or black tie, American tuxedo. The original smoking jacket was a jacket of velvet you put on (usually) after dinner when it was time for a cigar. A man covered in smoke – a smoking.

Frogs and jumping boats

I have had a little bit of fun translating a children`s song on google. Although translating something with google translate and then back again into the original language has been done several times before, I still think it`s funny. I tried with a song called “Små rumpetroll” (Little tadpoles) The song goes like this: SmåContinue reading “Frogs and jumping boats”

The blot on top

This I wonder, where did this “name” come from, even if it`s nice and cute. Here they are, a beautiful family photo and then comes itsy bitsy little cutie – the blot on top The blot on top is a baby, not any baby but someone born much later than its sibling(s).