Frogs and jumping boats

I have had a little bit of fun translating a children`s song on google. Although translating something with google translate and then back again into the original language has been done several times before, I still think it`s funny. I tried with a song called “Små rumpetroll” (Little tadpoles) The song goes like this: SmåContinue reading “Frogs and jumping boats”

Drawing challenge

Today I challenged myself to draw with my non dominant hand. I gave myself only a few minutes to draw a pencil sketch of Heffanutt and Ant King. It was fun to see the difference and how much I had to concentrate doing a simple tasks like drawing a straight line. My main focus hasContinue reading “Drawing challenge”

Practicing expressions

I spent half an hour having fun practicing Ant King and Heffanutt’s expressions. After countless drawings of them, I finally feel like I`m starting to know them. Ant King is very tired after a lot of work gathering food lately, or maybe he is terrible thirsty from the heath   I wanted Heffanutt to lookContinue reading “Practicing expressions”

Down the memory lane

This time I will post something I haven`t drawn in a while.  I took “a line on a walk”;  I closed my eyes and drew an unbroken line all over the paper in any shape and angles without looking. – I still use this technique when doodling –  When I felt I was finished IContinue reading “Down the memory lane”