Frogs and jumping boats

I have had a little bit of fun translating a children`s song on google. Although translating something with google translate and then back again into the original language has been done several times before, I still think it`s funny. I tried with a song called “Små rumpetroll” (Little tadpoles) The song goes like this: SmåContinue reading “Frogs and jumping boats”

Turning the table – The hacker

The end of last year something not so fun happen, someone hacked my computer. I have not been able to fix my main computer, I hope I can this year. In the meantime I`ll do the best I can with a tiny slow one, because I won`t let him stop me. But this is notContinue reading “Turning the table – The hacker”

Drawing challenge

Today I challenged myself to draw with my non dominant hand. I gave myself only a few minutes to draw a pencil sketch of Heffanutt and Ant King. It was fun to see the difference and how much I had to concentrate doing a simple tasks like drawing a straight line. My main focus hasContinue reading “Drawing challenge”


Last monday I drew “Spaghetti” and in the first picture Ant King held up some tangled spaghetti on his fork. This drawing inspired me to draw the “Mystery forest” on friday and the portrait below. Again I closed my eyes while drawing the tangles, I like the unpredictable of it, that I have to workContinue reading “Tangled”

Practicing expressions

I spent half an hour having fun practicing Ant King and Heffanutt’s expressions. After countless drawings of them, I finally feel like I`m starting to know them. Ant King is very tired after a lot of work gathering food lately, or maybe he is terrible thirsty from the heath   I wanted Heffanutt to lookContinue reading “Practicing expressions”