Antilope (confusing animal)

This name or type of animal if you like, is pretty confusing to me if I keep on thinking about it. I can`t find any answers to my questions. Anti means against, opposite or something that counteracts. So here is an animal who is against lope, or counteracts it. In what way does it counteract? Does it counteract itself? If so, how is it possible for it to survive if it`s constantly fighting towards itself, and what a horrible life it would be? And if lope isn`t the animal can anyone tell me what lope is? I really like to know. If anti in this context means opposite, I still need to know what lope is, or else there is no way I could figure out what`s the opposite. If lope is the animal, what is the opposite animal to a lope? And if it isn`t the animal, what is it?. I really hope the Antilope knows what a lope is. If not, imagine being against something you don`t know what is, or have to constantly wonder what you are.

And why do we keep on insisting on calling it a lope if the poor animal doesn`t like it?

Antilope is Norwegian for English Antelope

A grown-up woman and a toy car

In the first year of blogging, I wanted to try out filming. Nothing is posted, I need a better camera and a new car before I can film properly. Maybe one day in the future. I wanted to test it anyway, even if it was rather challenging for me. Here are my thoughts; 

I`m not a dog owner, but I got something else – a toy car.  Early mornings I will take my car for a walk, filming places for you to see.

Inside of me, the child is having fun, laughing, outside I feel a bit like a weirdo. Not because I don`t like what I do, but because there is a little voice there, whispering, this is not what “normal” grown-ups do. And what will people around me think? I challenge that voice every time, because of how am I supposed to record Heffanutt and Ant King driving if not.

It took a short time to get used to photographing from ground level, it’s me and the tourists.  I`m the only one crawling around, I get some odd looks, I can see they’re thinking, what is she doing?  I thought about it a couple of times, but now my only focus is my camera.

The toy car, however, is a bigger challenge.  Sometimes I get a good laugh, I mean, it’s silly isn`t it, to concern about what other people think, as long as I don`t hurt anyone and having fun.  I know it`s only in my mind.

Before I take my car out of the bag, it’s like I have to climb a mountain every time, – oh, what will people do, will they laugh at me, will they think I`m weird? What if? But as soon as I start walking with it, focusing on it, I forget.  I don`t notice people around me that much.  When I stop I`m suddenly very aware of my surroundings again, wanting to put my car away as soon as possible.  

It`s always fun to go home and look at my recordings, I don`t know if it’s typical to Norwegians but people passing me while I`m walking my car, are “pretending” everything’s normal, and they are “not noticing” that woman with a toy car.  While their nose is pointing straight forward and they are walking at the exact same pace, as normal, their eyes reveal them. A brief look,  then the eyes widen a tiny bit –  what, what was that? – then a brief look again, did I see what I thought I saw? –  Then suddenly staring straight forward – I did not look! She is just doing what she wants, completely normal, best not to stare so she doesn`t notice  –  😀   This is most common with grown-ups, younger are more relaxed,  not to mention kids and dogs.

I am proud that I was able to do this, being an Introvert, standing in something that seems to be in the limelight, is a huge fear.  I hate being in the centre of strangers focus.

I think it is good to challenge yourself, especially if you want to do something but you don`t because of fear.  Fear of failure, fear of being different, fear of people staring at you.  What I learned while I was walking my toy car, that I am the biggest hindrance for me to succeed.  I heard in a lecture a while ago;  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.   


A post about gravel and sand

Sometimes I like to write about nothing in particular, I thought I`ll do just that today. Yesterday taking off my shoes after a walk, I found gravel and some sand on the floor. So, I decided to accept the challenge;

Did you know gravel is a loose aggregation of rock fragments (according to Wikipedia) and sand is a granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles?
There are 11 (!) types of gravel; Bank gravel, bench gravel, creek rock or river rock, crushed stone, fine gravel, stone dust, lag gravel, pay gravel, pea gravel, piedmont gravel, and plateau gravel… I wonder what type of gravel ended up under my shoe… Maybe I should show it to a gravel expert if someone of that sort exists. But it should, I mean, who else have made up all those types of gravel. I wonder what type of knowledge a gravel expert would have. The ability to classify gravel probably, to look at a stone and say this is a… Maybe it`s possible to tell where gravel came from originally, you can with stones so why not.

I wonder where the stone under my shoe came from, where It had been before landing on my floor. Maybe it was tucked under a dog’s paw, making the poor dog limp, or maybe it was kicked about over and over by thousands of feet. It might have travelled far stuck in a bike or car tire. I wonder what it could tell me if it could talk.

There are several types of sand, one is made of aragonite, which has mostly been created, over the past half billion years, by various forms of life, like coral and shellfish. Maybe I have a part of a huge coral on my floor a billion years old. That’s so long of a time it’s nearly impossible to understand. It`s kind of a shame to treat it like dust, throw it away. I wish I had a microscope.

Maybe I should make a glass stand and put the gravel and sand there. That could lead to some questioning from visitors, what’s this? Gravel? (They would probably not see the sand) why have you put it there, laughing a bit at how weird I am. No, I would say, it’s a mountain and a coral reef. Or maybe I would present a shellfish with the most beautiful colours you could imagine. It depends on the eyes that see.


Herdsmans bag

Is this all the bags the herdsmen have lost during decades of herding, or is it a service to the herdsman – “Here, grab a bag full of food and everything you could need”? But what chaos if everyone is searching for their bag.

The name of this flower is almost the same in English; shepherd’s purse


It is a happy day today! Birds-imagination has reached 100 subscribers! It has been a long road, with lots of learning and setbacks, but lots of fun too.

I am so grateful for every one of you. Thank you so much! I promise I did a little happy dance every time someone subscribed. 😀

I remember so well when I started my first blog, I almost felt invisible. It took a few months before I found my way of blogging and the subscribers found me.

Again, thank you – and now, a little dance. Have a wonderful day!