The forgotten child

When people are growing up, getting older, trying to fit in the role of an adult, the child is often forgotten. Sometimes when blogging it`s a good idea to bring back your inner child.  It might help you with some new ideas.  Go back in time and visit yourself, remind yourself of what you imagined.

When a child you`re on your most creative, not restrained by adult “rules and regulations” of how to act and how a drawing should look like.  Furniture or other interiors of your room is used in several ways and not just the way it was intended to. A table could be a car, a spaceship, a stone wall of an old castle, or a house for instance.

Visible and invisible objects and figures live side by side. As a child, you can travel to a land far, far away, and back again in seconds. You can be rich or poor, live in a palace or a dungeon.

There are dangers too in an imaginative world, inspired by the evil ones in fairytales. or something your imagination made up a dark winter night.

It`s not silly to bring back the child inside you sometimes. You`re still an adult, you won`t forget how to be an adult, even if you remember how you wore as a child. It will help your creativity.  You might get an odd look if you start to play with toys, but you don`t have to go that far.  Children on the other hand would love it if you do.

Do you remember what you imagined? What scared you of if any? Do you remember what you played?  It might be a hidden story there somewhere if you look for it.

In an upcoming Halloween story (30 October 2020) I went back to my childhood, and remembered some of the scary things that my imagination could come up with.


Drawing challenge

Today I challenged myself to draw with my non dominant hand. I gave myself only a few minutes to draw a pencil sketch of Heffanutt and Ant King.

It was fun to see the difference and how much I had to concentrate doing a simple tasks like drawing a straight line. My main focus has been and are my right hand drawing skills. Drawing with my left hand gave me a different view and challenge. Without me willing it, both Heffanutt and Ant King seems to lean towards the right

How does your main character(s) or motive look like, drawing with your non dominant hand?


Heffanutt – Heffanutt got his name from his father Heff and nuts. Nutt is written with two t because its a mix of Norwegian nøtt and English nut. I wanted a name that could work in both languages. Heffanutt introduced himself as soon as Ant King arrived, so it was super easy to know what to call him.

Ant King – This is a different story, you see, Ant King has never told me his name. He IS an ant king, it`s not his name. I have tried to ask a few times since he knocked on my door a couple of years ago, but it`s always met with silence. It could be that you would never call a king by his first name, but on the other hand, we are his friends. It could also be that no one gave him a name, since he was unwanted (poor fellow) and he dont want to talk about it. I have thought about the norwegian name Marius (because maur is the norwegian word for ant and it has both m, a and r in it) but I`m unsure of how well it would work in English. Ant King doesn`t work in Norwegian, I have to call him Maurkongen (wich means the same) here. I feel it`s long overdue to give him a name, he can`t go around nameless. And another reason for giving him a name is that I know that Ant King is used by several figures out there, and in the long run it would be wise to have a name I could use if needed.

What do you think?

Comparing now and then

For the fun of it, I found an early drawing of Heffanutt and Ant King and a drawing of each of them today.

This is the first drawing that I ever made of Heffanutt, the picture is in black and white. I coloured him yellow with orange markings.  This is a result of a random doodle that I later looked at and found him in the clutter. I can`t remember when I drew it exactly, but it must be in the year 2016.

gult fantasidyr

Here is Heffanutt 4 years later, in June 2020.  Some adjustments have been done. He has a different colour and smaller paws and ears, but the main form has been kept.  I changed his eyes a little bit and added eyebrows which make drawing his expressions a little bit easier.


Ingefærøl 2 (624x640)


Now on to Ant King, this is my first drawing of him. I made this drawing in 2018, again starting with a doodle.

maurkongen (404x640)

Here is Ant King July 2020. His head is smaller and changed shape a little bit. His horns are shorter.  I don`t draw his walking stick for the time being, but Ant King has stored it in his closet so I might do it later on.

Handletur 3 (591x640)


Why Bird?

Maby you want to know why I use Bird as my artist’s name?  I am aware that bird can be used in the context of a girl in England for instance. Talking about a bird or a chick.  My name has nothing in common with that, except for the obvious, that I happen to be a girl.  Bird to me means something else.

It`s about finding your wings, stretching them and make them stronger by flying short distances – and then one day …. fly. In other words, finding -if you don’t know-, what makes you you, who you are, and finding the strength to be who you are, and then fly high with the wind, fly free….

It is a name pointing to me finding myself, growing up as an Introvert, not knowing I was one.  Finding back to myself as an adult after going true life shaped me into who I am today.  In some ways, I felt like a caged bird, caged to fit into the mold I was “supposed” to fit into.

Searching for something (a goal) like a buzzard, keeping an eye on it while sirkling around, hoping for the right moment and be ready when it comes.  Keep working towards my goal with my drawings, so that I one day hopefully can be skilled enough to make something out of my art.

Now I am free as a bird, 100% me.  I gave my self the name Bird when I stepped out of the cage.

I am Bird stretching my wings

I am Bird ready to fly

I am Bird out flying