The name might not be super strange, but I kind of like it anyway. Maybe it was the colour that gave the flower its name.
I think it is kind of weird, naming it “butter” when you should not eat it at all – it is poisonous. The person giving the flower its name must have had an ironic sense of humour or a strike of evilness. I am hoping the first. Be careful to go by plant name in this country! LOL.
By its name, I imagine a flower filled with butter, ready to use on your sandwich. Imagine how easy, when on a long hike and you need some butter to fry up your meal, find a butterflower and fill your pan.
The correct English name is close to the Norwegian one – Buttercup.

Have you ever met an inksplash?

It`s definitely a good idea to keep your distance to this one. Imagine a splash of ink flying through the air and SPLASH!! right onto your new white shirt. What a mess! Or maybe it is flouting around in the water, an ink pound waiting for you to dive right into it. It would certainly be something to see, a person turning all black or blue from ink after a bath.

And if you wonder an inksplash translated correct is an octopus. In Norwegian named by its ability to expulse ink, in English maybe it got it`s name for it`s eight (sometimes ten) arms?

Colour troubles

After changing computer I have a lot of troubles with scanning my drawings. For some reason the colours are very blured to non existing even though the colours on the actual drawing are strong and clear. I have manged to go around the trouble somewhat, but it is still not good enough. I have tried several programs (except the one I used originally. Unfortunately I can not find it, maybe it doesn`t exist anymore) and installed and reinstalled my scanner a number of times.

I have thought about colour my drawings on my computer instead, but it would not be the same and drawing/colouring by hand is what I like to do. I am sorry of the quality of the colour in my posts lately and maybe further on – I hope I can figure out how to fix it somehow. I`m thinking, maybe it is the computer, if so, there is nothing I can do for now. – I hope it is something I can fix.

It`s a spikepig of course!

I love to see words and phrases in a different light, it could be anything really, that suddenly turns to pictures in my head, often with a different meaning.
For fun, I translated a few words and sayings directly from Norwegian to English using the Norwegian name or saying but with English words. I have drawn a few pictures during winter and decided to share them every Wednesday until I have shown them all. So, get ready to meet some strange creatures and a bit of wonder from my side – why and how did it get its name. Sometimes it explains itself, but other times…
Let me introduce you to Norwegian in English with an animal – the spikepig (drawn below).

…and if you wonder what kind of animal a spikepig really is, it`s a hedgehog.