Between night and day

Creatively and imaginative I have always balanced between night and day. So many monsters, so much dark, strange encounters, fear and alertness visits my nights if I let them in. My monsters are not dragons or Dracula with sharp tooths. My monsters are human or humanlike, usually looking like you and me. But when showing up uninvited, with a surprise and often when dark it is not fun at all. I have chosen to go with the other side when drawing. The playful, sunny, fun side.

Now I have decided to visit the dark for a little while just to see what comes out of it. This is my first time drawing the dark shadows within.

I had a piece of paper where I had earlier played with some light blue water paint, just to see how the paper reacted to it. I drew this pencil drawing on top of it. I kind of like the effect of the light blue and the dark pencil.


Published by Bird

I am Bird stretching my wings

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