Antilope (confusing animal)

This name or type of animal if you like, is pretty confusing to me if I keep on thinking about it. I can`t find any answers to my questions. Anti means against, opposite or something that counteracts. So here is an animal who is against lope, or counteracts it. In what way does it counteract? Does it counteract itself? If so, how is it possible for it to survive if it`s constantly fighting towards itself, and what a horrible life it would be? And if lope isn`t the animal can anyone tell me what lope is? I really like to know. If anti in this context means opposite, I still need to know what lope is, or else there is no way I could figure out what`s the opposite. If lope is the animal, what is the opposite animal to a lope? And if it isn`t the animal, what is it?. I really hope the Antilope knows what a lope is. If not, imagine being against something you don`t know what is, or have to constantly wonder what you are.

And why do we keep on insisting on calling it a lope if the poor animal doesn`t like it?

Antilope is Norwegian for English Antelope

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