Heffanutts Halloween night

Next friday I will post a different kind of post on Birds Imagination. The last weekend of October is coming up, and Heffanutt had to be alone because Ant King was going for an important visit in town.

The story contents of many more drawings than my posts usually does, so instead of you scrolling “for ages” I made it in video format. I had so much fun making it, and I may repeat it later. I have an idea of making this my ongoing Halloween project. I have a Christmas project already (into it`s third year this year, I can`t wait to continue in a month or so), but I will tell you about that later.

While I made the video and put in all my drawings, I was afraid it would be tedious so I decided to make a tiny bit of animation. It`s not very advanced, it`s my first time doing this, but I`m learning. Of course it led me to make even more drawings, this is what I have been doing the last weeks.

I like the idea of old school cartoons, with a itty bitty help from tecnology (like 1-10 %). I think it makes my story more interesting. I will ad more to it next year, I don`t know what yet, we`ll see.


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