The forgotten child

When people are growing up, getting older, trying to fit in the role of an adult, the child is often forgotten. Sometimes when blogging it`s a good idea to bring back your inner child.  It might help you with some new ideas.  Go back in time and visit yourself, remind yourself of what you imagined.

When a child you`re on your most creative, not restrained by adult “rules and regulations” of how to act and how a drawing should look like.  Furniture or other interiors of your room is used in several ways and not just the way it was intended to. A table could be a car, a spaceship, a stone wall of an old castle, or a house for instance.

Visible and invisible objects and figures live side by side. As a child, you can travel to a land far, far away, and back again in seconds. You can be rich or poor, live in a palace or a dungeon.

There are dangers too in an imaginative world, inspired by the evil ones in fairytales. or something your imagination made up a dark winter night.

It`s not silly to bring back the child inside you sometimes. You`re still an adult, you won`t forget how to be an adult, even if you remember how you wore as a child. It will help your creativity.  You might get an odd look if you start to play with toys, but you don`t have to go that far.  Children on the other hand would love it if you do.

Do you remember what you imagined? What scared you of if any? Do you remember what you played?  It might be a hidden story there somewhere if you look for it.

In an upcoming Halloween story (30 October 2020) I went back to my childhood, and remembered some of the scary things that my imagination could come up with.


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