Heffanutt – Heffanutt got his name from his father Heff and nuts. Nutt is written with two t because its a mix of Norwegian nøtt and English nut. I wanted a name that could work in both languages. Heffanutt introduced himself as soon as Ant King arrived, so it was super easy to know what to call him.

Ant King – This is a different story, you see, Ant King has never told me his name. He IS an ant king, it`s not his name. I have tried to ask a few times since he knocked on my door a couple of years ago, but it`s always met with silence. It could be that you would never call a king by his first name, but on the other hand, we are his friends. It could also be that no one gave him a name, since he was unwanted (poor fellow) and he dont want to talk about it. I have thought about the norwegian name Marius (because maur is the norwegian word for ant and it has both m, a and r in it) but I`m unsure of how well it would work in English. Ant King doesn`t work in Norwegian, I have to call him Maurkongen (wich means the same) here. I feel it`s long overdue to give him a name, he can`t go around nameless. And another reason for giving him a name is that I know that Ant King is used by several figures out there, and in the long run it would be wise to have a name I could use if needed.

What do you think?

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