Comparing now and then

For the fun of it, I found an early drawing of Heffanutt and Ant King and a drawing of each of them today.

This is the first drawing that I ever made of Heffanutt, the picture is in black and white. I coloured him yellow with orange markings.  This is a result of a random doodle that I later looked at and found him in the clutter. I can`t remember when I drew it exactly, but it must be in the year 2016.

gult fantasidyr

Here is Heffanutt 4 years later, in June 2020.  Some adjustments have been done. He has a different colour and smaller paws and ears, but the main form has been kept.  I changed his eyes a little bit and added eyebrows which make drawing his expressions a little bit easier.


Ingefærøl 2 (624x640)


Now on to Ant King, this is my first drawing of him. I made this drawing in 2018, again starting with a doodle.

maurkongen (404x640)

Here is Ant King July 2020. His head is smaller and changed shape a little bit. His horns are shorter.  I don`t draw his walking stick for the time being, but Ant King has stored it in his closet so I might do it later on.

Handletur 3 (591x640)


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