Why Bird?

Maby you want to know why I use Bird as my artist’s name?  I am aware that bird can be used in the context of a girl in England for instance. Talking about a bird or a chick.  My name has nothing in common with that, except for the obvious, that I happen to be a girl.  Bird to me means something else.

It`s about finding your wings, stretching them and make them stronger by flying short distances – and then one day …. fly. In other words, finding -if you don’t know-, what makes you you, who you are, and finding the strength to be who you are, and then fly high with the wind, fly free….

It is a name pointing to me finding myself, growing up as an Introvert, not knowing I was one.  Finding back to myself as an adult after going true life shaped me into who I am today.  In some ways, I felt like a caged bird, caged to fit into the mold I was “supposed” to fit into.

Searching for something (a goal) like a buzzard, keeping an eye on it while sirkling around, hoping for the right moment and be ready when it comes.  Keep working towards my goal with my drawings, so that I one day hopefully can be skilled enough to make something out of my art.

Now I am free as a bird, 100% me.  I gave my self the name Bird when I stepped out of the cage.

I am Bird stretching my wings

I am Bird ready to fly

I am Bird out flying


Published by Bird

I am Bird stretching my wings

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