“Thousands” of writing and drawing ideas

Have you had that feeling of nothing to write or draw? You really try to twist and turn your brain and force some ideas to pop up, but there is nothing there. Here is my little go-to solution;

If you don’t know the topic at all;

  • Go for a walk or take a look around you where you are right now. Use your eyes, what do you see of things around you, how is it made? What is it used for? Does it exist several types of it? Can you use it to something else? Does it make something (e.g. a knife cutting a tomato), if so, what? Ok, let’s say we are thinking about a knife cutting a tomato, tomatoes can be used for several dishes, maybe you could write about different tomato soups, for instance, variations of tomatoes, tomato plants? That again can lead to soil, growing, fertilizers, weather, greenhouses, animals eating tomatoes, people working at a farm… Knives again can lead you to think about the beginning of a story, types of knives, all the things you can do with knives can lead you further to other things… and suddenly one of those things is exactly what you needed to come up with the right topic, or at least hopefully…

If you know the topic;

  • Make a list of absolutely everything you can come up with having a connection to that topic. Write down “stupid” ideas too, they can lead you to something else. Then you can choose a few of them and see if there’s another lead to something you can draw or write about.

I always keep the lists so that I can reuse them later. It is truly a thousand of topics out there.



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