Move your pencil across the paper without thinking, close your eyes if you feel like it. Let your hand draw circles, squares, lines and all sorts of shapes. When you’re finished look, look  and look again, turn the sheet in different directions, maybe you’ll see something hiding. You may not see anything right away, you can put the drawing aside and maybe something will show up later. Even if you don`t see anything special, it doesn`t mean it was unsuccessful. Try again.

From my sketchbook.  I suddenly saw something…


A mix between a dragon and a dog maybe?? Something to work on






2 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. That’s clever! Thanks for visiting my blog by the way and for following. An illustrator friend of mine once suggested I do some drawing with the hand I do not normally use (eg. use left hand if you are right-handed)… he said that when you have less control, the drawings often turn out better! I found he was right….


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