This is not a blog that tells you how you should or should not draw or blog. I show and write how I learn and what’s best for me.  You might choose a different direction and that’s how it should be.

Even if I`m not in the category of “skilled drawer” I`m posting my drawings on Birds Imagination anyway. It`s so many perfect drawings out there, I miss seeing those “not so good” ones, those who I can relate to. I hope by posting my not so good drawings, and showing my journey that I can encourage at least one to keep on drawing for the fun of it, even if it`s not perfect.

I felt that I had things to write that I couldn’t write on Birds Imagination. I wanted a place where I could write anything and everything I felt I had to say in regards to blogging, drawing, and a little bit of my life too.  So this is it, a sort of behind the scene blog.